Seeds4Kids Application

Please complete this form and before 23rd June 2023.
Kits will be delivered in September.

The Seeds4Kits project is funded by Lottbridge Golf Club and is being delivered by Treebourne

Our kit is based on a group of children at either Key Stage 1 (5-7) or Key Stage 2 and above (Over 7’s) which we call Key Stage 2+.

Your class can make the pots out of newspaper using their water bottle as a template (view video tutorial). However, this can be fiddly so you may wish your KS1 or any special needs children to use pre-made biodegradable pots. Please select the bio-degradable pots as you deem appropriate for your class.

Please enter the number of classes, the class sizes, the Key Stage and if you require pots.


1 class of 26
1 class of 29
1 class of 30 - inc pots

2 classes of 30

If you participated in the 2022 / 2023 project and/or already have some items of the kit which you can use please list below, including the numbers of each item.


2 x Stratification box
1 x Jug
1 x Masher

If you are applying on behalf of several classes / groups, please list below any additional recipients for our feedback surveys. Alternatively, you can forward the surveys to the additional recipients yourself when they are received; they will still be able to complete their own form.

We will only contact you regarding the Seeds4Kids project. We use feedback to improve the project for the following year and will send short surveys via Google Forms in February and June (months may vary).

If you have any queries, please e-mail schools@treebourne.org.