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Treebourne, collaborating with the Lottbridge Golf Club and EcoEd2030, are helping children engage with nature, and understand why trees are so vital to humans. Not only do trees capture carbon, breathe out oxygen, and provide habitats for many creatures, but they reduce pollution, reduce flood risk, and make us feel great about where we live.

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We want children to experience the cycle of a tree’s life – learning how to identify different trees, collecting different seeds, planting them, and nurturing them until they are tall enough to plant. Then planting them in their own environment in gardens, parks, school grounds and open spaces - where they will remain potentially for many hundreds of years.

Where trees can’t be planted at school, at home or by family and friends,Treebourne will help find suitable land, and ensure that all children can plant the trees they've grown themselves, enabling them to take a personal stake in their own natural environment that will live into the future.

What you need to know

  • The Seeds4Kids project is sponsored by Lottbridge Golf Club, and is completely FREE to schools and youth groups, even if you need to ask us for extra components.
  • The kit is aimed at Teachers / Leaders who are based in Forest Schools, or at least Teachers or Leaders who have a little experience in gardening.
  • The kit size is bespoke, based on your specific school or youth group class, usually up to around 35. If you have more children than that, no problem, just let us know.
  • You can have as many kits as you think you can use – but you will need room (1.2msq for a class of 30 children) outside in a sheltered sunny spot.
  • Target classes are Key Stage 1 (in which we include Early Years), and Key Stage 2 and above. Early Years as well as Eco-warrior teenagers are more than welcome to use our kits - the more the merrier!
  • This free (did we mention that?) kit includes a booklet for Teachers / Leaders that tells you everything you need to know to identify native trees, collect their seeds, germinate them, and grow them and plant them out. And of course it includes compost, netting, trays, seed labels, Tree Identification leaflets etc.
  • For Key Stage 1 / Early Years and children with dexterity issues we can provide biodegradable pots. But for those children who can, we’d like them to make their own pots out of newspaper. It’s so easy! All they require is a broadsheet newspaper and their school water bottle as a template. We have a video guide to show them how to do this.
  • The kit itself is not prescriptive; it will give you the freedom to design the best way of collecting and growing the seeds that suits your class around your existing curriculum.
  • All you need to add is a local park or woodland where you can gather the seeds.
  • There are countless opportunities to extend this programme with learning activities in the classroom. There will be links to other tree related information on our website, as well as access to advice and support if you need it.

How to apply

Please apply before 23rd June 2023.

We will deliver all resources to you in September 2023.

If you have any queries, please e-mail

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Useful Links to help you with the Seeds4Kids Project

This is our 2023 Launch pack which tells you all you need to know about the S4K project and the kit contents

Tree Characteristics – what to plant and where to plant it

The Woodland Trust have a great site on trees and their characteristics with their A-Z of British Trees

And here is our Treebourne quick guide to the characteristics of native British trees so you can decide which ones you would like to focus on collecting Tree Types

Are you wondering which tree types would be best for your area? Try this fabulous website which tells you What Tree you can best plant where. You can click on the road you plan to plant in and it will recommend the best trees to plant there!

How to Recognise the Seeds

We’ve included the Seed Guide in the kit, but here is an on-line copy of the Seed Guide you can print out

Still having trouble identifying a tree or seed? Try the Woodland Trust Tree ID App

When to Start Collecting Seeds and How to Manage Them

Are you wondering when to collect your seeds and the best way to germinate and grow them once you have them? Check out our Treebourne Seeds To Trees Timeline

Would you like more details on how to manage each seed type? This is a fantastic site with great information on Recipes for Growing Trees and Shrubs

Here is an online guide on How to manage any tree or hedge seed you have collected.

Making Pots!

Here is a video to show you how to make newspaper pots:

Planting Out

When you’ve grown your seed to a 30cm+ tree, see how to Plant your tree in its final home.

Testing What You’ve Learned

Once you have had a wander through the streets and parks of Sussex looking for seeds, try this Tree Identification Quiz to see how much you have learned.