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Treebourne, working collaboratively with EcoEd2030 want to get children to engage with nature, and to understand why trees are so vital to humans - not just because they capture carbon and breathe out oxygen, but also because they provide habitats for insects, birds and animals. Not to mention improving how good we feel about where we live, and other benefits like reducing pollution and flood risk.

How to Apply


We want children to experience the cycle of a tree’s life – learning how to identify different trees, collecting different seeds, planting them, and nurturing them until they are tall enough to plant. Then planting them in their own environment, in gardens, parks, school grounds and open spaces - where they will remain potentially for many hundreds of years.

Where trees can’t be planted at school or at home, Treebourne will help find suitable land, and ensure that all children can plant the trees they’ve grown themselves, and take a personal stake in their own natural environment that will live into the future.

And we’re joining in with the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations next year by asking children to plant at least some of the trees that they have grown, in an exciting large-scale planting project for Eastbourne, that Treebourne will deliver under the Queens Green Canopy initiative.

What you need to know

  • Target classes are Key Stage 2, but we are open to all, and can gear the literature to Key Stage 1 and Early Years as well as eco-warrior teenagers - the more the merrier!
  • We provide a FREE kit for classes including a booklet that tells you everything you need to know to identify native trees, collect their seeds and the best way to plant them and look after them. And approx 10 biodegradable pots per child of various sizes for different seeds, compost, netting, trays, etc.
  • The kit is not prescriptive; it will give you the freedom to design the best way of collecting and growing the seeds that suits your class around your existing curriculum.
  • The kit is paid for by Treebourne from our fundraising, so is completely free to schools and pupils, even if you need to ask us for extra components.
  • All you need to add is a local park or woodland where you can gather the seeds.
  • There are countless opportunities to extend this programme with learning activities in the classroom. And there will be links to educational resources for teachers available on our website. As well as access to advice and support if you need it.

How to apply

Please request a kit before the end of this Summer term.

We will need:

  • The name of your school
  • A school contact name
  • The number of classes, the class sizes and the Key Stage e.g

    1 class of 26
    1 class of 29
    1 class of 30

    2 classes of 30

Send your requests to

We will deliver all resources to you in September 2021, and provide support and guidance for using them, as needed.