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Tugwell park

Tugwell Park is our second site after Sevenoaks Rec, that we are planning to complete in the 2020/21 planting season. Both parks were identified by the council as in need of regeneration, with low tree cover and limited wildlife. As in Sevenoaks Rec, we are aiming to massively improve the park and the quality of the natural environment for local residents, at the same time as fighting the battle against climate change, by planting thousands of trees in Tugwell Park.



Planting complete










We are leaving the central area as an open space for sports and recreation, but enhancing the perimeter of the park by creating more thickly wooded areas of diverse species, that will join together around the edges. There will be pathways through them, seating areas, and wildlife habitats and boxes. The hedges will be gap filled and extended. Wildflower meadows will be sown, for biodiversity, and variety of visual interest. And we will plant a mini-orchard of edible fruit trees such as apples, pears and plums around the entrance to the park at the junction of Tugwell Road and Wilton Avenue, that residents can pick and enjoy when they are in season.

All of these enhancements combine to create a far richer, more varied and interesting, and more aesthetically pleasing green space for the community to enjoy. And by increasing tree canopy cover, we will all benefit from greater absorption of CO2 and pollution, and resulting improvements in air quality.

With no central EBC funding available, this exciting project is only made possible by the fundraising efforts and volunteers of the Treebourne group. Hampden Park ward is making a generous contribution of around 25% of the substantial costs from their local budget, but the rest is being met by grants and donations already raised by Treebourne.

Supported by:

East sussex CC trees for cities Forresty commission


  • 3615 new trees in total, of 13 different UK native species
  • 3500 small saplings from 1m-1.75m
  • 110 hedging trees
  • A mini-orchard of 5 mature fruit trees of about 2.5m-3m around the park entrance
  • 3068㎡ of tree planting
  • 784 climbing plants integrated into 468㎡ of existing wooded areas
  • 100m of new hedges and gaps filled in existing hedges
  • 782㎡ of wildflower meadows, with over 20 different flower species
  • A selection of bird and bat boxes, and reptile habitats
  • Woodland paths and seating

We are planting a mini-orchard of five mature fruit trees of about 2.5m-3m around the park entrance


23th Jan - 7th Feb

Public feedback, community engagement

8th Feb

Rotavation of land to be planted, preparation of site

9th Feb - 19th Feb (TBC)

Planting trees - Phase 1
Planting by contractors, as community planting is not possible during lockdown

20th Feb - 31 March (TBC)

Planting trees, hedges and climbing plants - Phase 2, including protectors, mulching, sowing seeds
Community volunteering activity

March - April 2021

Wildlife habitat installation, project completion

Have your say

As local residents, your input into this project, and support for it, are critical to us. This is your opportunity to review and feed back on our work. We promise to do our best to respond to every suggestion, and wherever practical, to accommodate them into our plans.