Treebourne, with EcoEd2030 want to get children to engage with nature, and to understand why trees are so vital to humans - not just because they capture carbon and breathe out oxygen, but also because they provide habitats for insects, birds and animals. Not to mention improving how good we feel about where we live, and other benefits like reducing pollution and flood risk.

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We are working towards the ambitious goal of a carbon netural town by 2030.



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Our goal is to double Eastbourne’s tree cover by 2030 We’re working with the council and independently, to find sites - large and small - where we can plant trees. Our aim is to maximise the capture of CO2 emissions before they can escape into the upper atmosphere and wreak havoc on the planet’s climate. In short, we plan to turn Eastbourne green.
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Sevenoaks Rec

Our first site, identified by the council some time ago as a park that would benefit from complete regeneration, with vast, poorly used open spaces, low tree cover and limited wildlife. By planting thousands of trees in Sevenoaks Rec, we can not only help the battle against climate change, but massively improve the park and the quality of the natural environment for local residents.